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Stem cell treatment helps Tampa Bay patient Judy Loar after knee surgery

When Judy Loar, 68, could not bear to walk any longer due to excruciating pain in both of her knees from degenerative joint disease, she did what most people in her condition do, she went in for a surgical knee replacement.

At that time, Loar encountered a near death experience on the operating table, as a result of complications from surgery. "

I almost died, I spent 11 days in the ICU," Loar said.

After being released, there was the added disappointment when Loar found out her knee cap had been set incorrectly. Going through surgery again to fix her other knee was not an option, so Loar started researching other alternatives to ease the agony of bone-on-bone friction caused by her condition.

"I really did my research, because I knew I could go through another major surgery," said Loar who became a patient of Dr. Dennis Lox.

Dr. Lox is the founder and medical director of Tampa-based Florida Spine and Sports Medicine Center, and one of the world's leading doctors specializing in using stem cell therapy as an alternative to successfully treat debilitating injuries or conditions.

Loar describes the procedure as painless, with no down time.

"I was actually awake during the whole procedure, discussing politics and laughing," she said.

During the procedure Dr. Lox is able to harvest stem cells from a patient’s own body fat and inject them right into the problem area.

"Your body can't put them where they need to heal yourself - so what we are doing is assisting the body, so it can heal itself," Dr. Lox said.

Lox says this is the future in medicine, and as more doctors become trained to help a patient's body heal itself, the uses for stem cell replacement, in his words, “could be endless”

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