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Rockville Man Embraces Stem Cells

Jim Virostko has farmed his entire life. The last six years on his Parke County farm have been especially tough though.

Jim Virostko has farmed his entire life. From the time I was big enough to start helping out on the farm they keep me busy, Virostko said. The last six years on his Parke County farm have been especially tough though. Not because of lost cattle, or bad crops, but rather a bum shoulder. It was quite a nagging pain, Virostko said. Jim was just in a lot of pain all the time, Pam Virostko, Jim's wife said.

Doctors told the couple a complete shoulder replacement was the only way to permanently relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis. I said should replacement? I thought maybe it was like rotator cuff type surgery, Jim Virostko said. His wife had something else in mind. we asked surgeons, hospitals and doctors and really they didn't know about stem cell therapy, Pam Virostko said.

That's when fate stepped in. I thought this is our referral, this is the referral we're looking for, Pam Virostko said. Pam sent Dana an email asking for Doctor Lox's contact information. One month later, the couple was in Florida preparing for Jim's stem cell replacement procedure. And the rest is history.

I had basically instant relief from that point on, Jim Virostko said. Jim can do all the things he couldn't do before, Pam Virostko said. Dr. Gabi Waite, a professor at the IU School of Medicine says stem cell treatments like Jim benefited from are highly experimental at this point.

Research is a slow process and for stem cell research and for stem cell therapy we are only at the very beginning, Dr. Lox said. But it brought an end to one man's excruciating shoulder pain. It's still got a little bit of soreness but i can do more now than I've been able to do in the last five years, Jim Virostko said.

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